History of Venom

Venom is a character that was introduced to the Marvel universe in the Secret Wars comics, and ever since then Venom has been a main staple in the Marvel Universe. Venom has been in many comics since Secret Wars as Spiderman’s worst enemy. In 2017, Marvel Studios has been talking about making a Venom movie, and here is a little backstory on the current and ultimate versions of Venom.

Who Is Venom?

Venom 1

Much like any comic book character being brought into mainstream media, Venom’s origin has changed from interpretation to interpretation.  At his core though, he is essentially a giant, twisted, horrific version of Spider-Man.  Originally, Venom was made up of an alien costume (brought over from a series entitled Secret Wars) that Spider-Man wore for a time before realizing it was actually alive.  Rejecting the suit, it lashed out and grew a hatred for Spider-Man and merged with a guy named Eddie Brock, a reporter who had been inadvertently discredited by Spiderman and swore revenge.

After a few stories in which Venom tormented poor old Peter Parker, his star began to shine brighter than even the protagonist he fought, and it was decided by Marvel Comics at the time that Eddie would get his own series. Dubbed “The Lethal Protector”, Venom began fighting crime in San Francisco and had a series of comics where he fought Juggernaut, an army of tiny green goblins, worked as an agent of the government, and grew extra tiny heads. The 90’s were weird is what I’m saying.  From there, Venom drifted in and out of the role of hero and villain, and it was then decided that the symbiote would need to find a new host. Eddie Brock was cast to the curb and Mac Gargan, former Spider-Man villain, The Scorpion, was given his shot to be the man behind the teeth.  After fighting Spider-Man on a few occasions, and being a member of the Dark Avengers, Gargan’s time as Venom eventually came to an end as well.

Recently, the symbiote has been hanging out with former Peter Parker bully/friend, Flash Thompson who has been using the symbiote for good!  Working on missions for the government after losing his legs in the Middle East, Thompson had his own series as Venom and even joined the ranks of Marvel’s Secret Avengers. It has recently been announced that he will soon be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Sometimes even I don’t know how I keep up with all this!

Ultimate Venom

Venom 2

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, which is essentially a retelling of their universe with a modern twist, Venom was actually the result of Peter and Eddie’s fathers creating, what they thought was, the cure for cancer.  “The Suit” as it was called, was a science experiment that Eddie had been holding onto as part of his “legacy”, which found itself attached to Peter.  The suit acted more as a vampire than anything else, sucking the life from people in order to feed it, and rather than looking like a bigger, more sinister version of Spider-Man, it looked like a monster.

I mention the “Ultimate” version of Venom because the recent Amazing Spider-Man franchise has taken most of its cues from the modern retelling of the story, rather than the old continuity.  The franchise has also decided to focus more of itself on the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents, and since this version of Venom is deeply entrenched in their history, it seems like a no brainer that this will be the version we’re presented with. Sorry comic fans, we’ll probably never see Spider-Man get the symbiote from fighting a handful of super villains on “Battle World”, but you can always dream.

In conclusion….

Venom is a character that will remain in the Marvel Universe for a long time, and he will be a staple in Spiderman’s world always opposing Spider Man. I hope that this blog helped you understand more about your favorite symbiotic villain.


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