Is Sentry the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe?

The Sentry is a superhero who is one of the most powerful heroes ever conceived in a comic book, some people even compare him to Superman. The Sentry is stronger, faster, and smarter than the whole avengers combined. How did The Sentry go from an average citizen to the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe?

Robert Reynold’s power levels were never fully defined, but due to his dual nature as The Sentry/The Void, his power levels varied depending on his mental state. His powers come from a concentrated and enhanced version of the same Super Soldier Serum that gave Captain America his powers. Whereas the original serum took Steve Rogers to the peak of human strength and agility, the enhanced serum combined with the illicit drugs already in Robert Reynold’s system took him to the very peak of superhuman ability.

Aside from his strength and durability, which was shown to be equal to The Hulk’s when the two fought and almost leveled Manhattan during World War Hulk, The Sentry had a multitude of other abilities which seemed to be almost without limit. When battling The Molecule Man, it was discovered that The Sentry had the same power he did, the total control over molecules both inside and outside his body. It is theorized that his ability to regenerate himself and others, as well as his ability to reanimate his dead wife stem from this ability.

Beyond these abilities, The Sentry has shown to be capable of harnessing sunlight into energy beams, hyper sonic flight, and astonishing psionic abilities. Had he not asked Thor to kill him, it’s unlikely that the combined superheroes present during the Siege event would have been able to defeat him.

The Sentry has gone up against many different villains in the Marvel Universe, but even an entire army of super beings could not take out the Sentry. Robert Reynold is considered to be the most powerful super hero in all the Marvel Universe, because of his god-like abilities and peak human capabilities.


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