The Green Arrow


Oliver Queen was Star City’s Bruce Wayne. He was born into a very wealthy family that owns Queen Industries.  Oliver was always immature, dropped out of college, and always wanted more action.

One night on his family yacht, Oliver was having a great time and then all of a sudden the boat was hit and was sinking. The only survivors were Oliver, Mr. Queen, and a Butler.  They had such little food and eventually Mr. Queen had killed himself right in front of his sons eyes so that he could live. He also killed the butler.

Couple days later olly was stranded on an island called Li an Yu.  Olly had buried his dad and set of to find food and water.  He met this man and he gave him food and water.  While living with his new guardian Olly was trained by Slade Wilson to become a fighter. He was also trained by his guardian  ( not Slade Wilson )  to use a bow and arrow to survive on the island.

After 5 years in hell Olly was found and brought back to Star City and to his family.  New villains had arrived in his city to cleanse it and take it over.  Olly was not going to let that happen so he had to become something else, someone else, he had to become the Green Arrow.

Now Oliver Queen protects Star City as well with someone new companions like Overwatch, Speedy, Red Arrow, and more. He has had to overcome some pretty difficult opponents like Prometheus, Deathstroke, and many more.


In Conclusion

Oliver sits very well working with the Justice League because Olly has been threw a lot and has a lot of knowledge when it he is in the battle field.  Olly has made a lot of friends like the flash and green lantern. Oliver is not anything like superman, but he is strong will and will do anything in his power to protect his city and Earth.


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