Hal Jordan AKA The Green Lantern

How did Hal Jordan become a Green Lantern?

Hal Jordan is not the smartest man in the DC universe, but he is one heck of a pilot.  Hal Jordan works at an air force base and is a pilot. One day he was flying his plane and all of a sudden saw something crash.  Hal went to check it out, but when he got there he saw something no human has ever seen before. An alien!!!.  The alien told Hal that the ring had chosen him and to take it. So he did.

Couple days later he was wearing the ring and got in a fight with some other people.  While fighting the ring was activated and made a construct of a fist.   After the fight the ring had taken Hal to the Planet of Oa.  The guardians of the universe told Hal that he was meant to become a green lantern which is a inter galactic police force to help others in need.  Hal agreed to become a green lantern and now protects the sector in which earth is in.

Hal Jordan has had to face other lanterns of other colors like yellow, red, and orange. Those are only a few.  His worst nemesis is Sinestro leader of the Sinestro core.

Hal Jordan is part of the Justice League and is best friends with the Flash.  If you want to know like: What are the other cores, Why is Hal Jordan Green? Well those will be for future blogs. So stick around and find out.


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