Born on Krypton Kal-El was soon shoot off his planet because his planet was dying.  His parents put him in a rocket and shoot him off to Earth and landed in Smallville where the Kent’s found him, adopted him, and raised him.

Now named Clark, Clark was starting to discover that he had some odd abilities. He was starting to lose control and he had no one that could help. Growing up Clark had to learn to control his powers so that no one would find out.

After moving to Metropolis Clark got a job at the Daily Plant.  But one day he had to use his powers to stop a mad man named Lex Luthor. He then made a suit and obtained the name Superman after beating Lex and putting him in jail.

But of course Lex escaped and Superman had to put him back in jail.  They fought many times. But along the way Clark made new enemies like General Zod, Metallo, Doomsday, Bizarro, and many more. But Superman always beat them with his incredible abilities like super strength, heat vision, super speed, x-ray vision, super hearing, and freeze breath. Superman’s powers are unlimited just as long as he is in the presence of the sun. Yes Superman gets his powers from a yellow sun and I say yellow because on Krypton they had a red sun and that sun doesn’t give them powers.

Superman is by far the strongest superhero in all of DC Comics, but that can be really bad because if he goes rogue then he could destroy the entire Earth if he wanted to. So the Justice League (and especially Batman) have a lot of safety measures so that never happens.

But Clark is a very nice man and has sworn to never do that. He is Earths protector and will always protect it if it needs protecting.


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